March 2 2017

Hope for the Home-front: Genesis 34:1-35:5

Through the crisis in Jacob's home with the rape of his daughter Dinah, Pastor Greg Smith proclaims Jesus as the only hope for our own homes in crisis.


February 23 2017

The Journey to Reconcile: Genesis 33:1-17

Using Jacob's reuniting with his brother Esau, Pastor Greg Smith leads believers through the steps of reconciliation with others.


February 16 2017

Divine SmackDown Live: Genesis 32:21-32

Lessons from the first recorded wrestling match in history.


February 13 2017

God is Greater: Genesis 32:1-20

Through Jacob's preparations to meet his brother Esau, Pastor Greg Smith teaches believers how to look to God for their deliverance, even in the midst of the great crises of life.


February 3 2017

Sharing in the Body and Blood: 1Cor. 10:14-18

Pastor Greg Smith prepares the people of God to come to the Lord's Table by showing the Spiritual implications of participating in the Lord's Supper as a believer.


January 26 2017

Fanatical Followers of Christ-SHARE: Acts 2:41-47

Pastor Greg Smith challenges believers to share their faith in Christ, just as the first believers did on the day of Pentecost and beyond.


January 18 2017

Fanatical Followers of Christ-GROW I Thessalonians 5:16-24

Fans sit and soak, but fanatical followers of Christ take up their cross.  Pastor Greg Smith shows how followers of Jesus grow through the work of God's Spirit in their lives.


January 11 2017

Fanatical Followers of Christ: Hebrews 10:19-25

Jesus called His followers to more than fans.  Beleivers are to be fanatical followers.  Pastor Greg Smith calls believers to follow Jesus fanatically through faithful gathering in this first of three sermons to begin 2017.


December 20 2016

The Journey of Christmas: John 16:28

Pastor Greg Smith traces the journey of the Lord Jesus from the Throne, to the Manger, to the Cross, and back to the Throne in this Christmas message.


December 16 2016

Because of the Surpassing Grace: II Corinthians 9:6-15

Through the analogy of the Sower and his seed, Pastor Greg Smith examines the reason the church gathers an offering for missions, and why every child of God should participate in it.

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