September 25 2015

Journeying with Jesus: Genesis 11:27-12:9

Pastor Greg Smith teaches from Abram's call to journey with God that the believer's life is not a static set of doctrines, but a dynamic, lifelong journey with Christ that is intimate and personal, and that requires faith.

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September 19 2015

The Folly of Tower Building: Genesis 11:1-9

Pastor Greg Smith teaches how, like the people of Babel, we build towers in our lives that exclude God.  However, He refuses to let them stand, confounding all our godless efforts.  The Gospel, then, is the answer to all tower builders.

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September 9 2015

After the Flood:Genesis 9:18-29

Pastor Greg Smith teaches the path that believers must walk in order to deal with the sin that persists in their lives.

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August 27 2015

The Power of the Symbol: Genesis 9:12-17

In preparing the church to observe the Lord's Supper, Pastor Greg Smith compares the rainbow with the Lord's Supper and shows how these powerful symbols remind us of what God has done.

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August 20 2015

The Law of the Harvest: Genesis 8:22

Pastor Greg Smith teaches how God's law of the Harvest works and how it relates to the life and work of a believer.

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August 18 2015

Following the Great Commission:Matthew 28:16-20

Donald Hintze, Director of Missions for the Gulf Coast Baptist Association, preaches the Great Commission and challenges believers to live it.

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August 3 2015

Eating Humble Pie:James 4:6-10

Pastor Greg Smith teaches what it means to humble yourself before the Lord.

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July 28 2015

The Food of Fasting:John 4:1-38

Pastor Greg Smith teaches how the power that food has in our lives translates to spiritual power in our lives when we fast.

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July 17 2015

Prayer and Fasting:Nehemiah 1:1-11

Pastor Greg Smith teaches the biblical mandate for fasting and when a believer should fast.

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July 12 2015

Evangelistic Praying Part 2: 1 Timothy 2:1-6

Pastor Greg Smith teaches how prayer for lost souls is an avenue by which we clearly see the heart of God.

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