July 27 2016

Mercy Me: Matthew 5:7

Using the fifth Beatitude, Pastor Greg Smith challenges hearers to examine their lives in light of the mercy that God has shown them.


July 21 2016

Passionately Pursuing God: Matthew 5:6

Pastor Greg Smith preaches the fourth Beatitude, hungering and thirsting for God's Righteousness.


July 19 2016

Gently Powerful: Matthew 5:5

Preaching the third Beatitude, Pastor Greg Smith explains what gentleness means and how God blesses those who possess it with a divine inheritance. 


July 16 2016

Gordon Smith

Gordon Smith, a member of FBC and victim of the recent Brazos River flood, preaches the word as he shares his story and pilgrimage with Christ.


July 15 2016

Texas Baptist Conference of the Deaf

Chris Partain, deaf pastor from Tennessee and speaker for the Texas Baptist Conference of the Deaf, held at FBC Brazoria June 24-26, preaches during the morning worship service.


June 20 2016

Merry Mourners: Matthew 5:4

In Part 3 of his summer sermon series on the Beatitudes, Pastor Greg Smith teaches on the second Beatitude, the blessedness in mourning over sin.


June 18 2016

Impoverished Imperials: Matthew 5:3

Pastor Greg Smith teaches the first Beatitude, the spiritual condition that a person must possess to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.


June 10 2016

The Be-Attitudes: Matthew 5:1-11

Part 1 of Pastor Greg Smith's 2016 summer series on the Beatitudes.


June 2 2016

Dressed for the Table: Isaiah 61:10

In this Lord's Supper Meditation, Pastor Greg Smith prepares God's people for the Table by asking the question: "Are you properly dressed?" (in Christ's Robe of Righteousness!)


May 25 2016

Fearless: Matthew 10:26-31

Pastor Greg Smith teaches how to face your fears through Christ.

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