April 19 2017

He is Risen: Isaiah 53:4-12

In this Resurrection Sunday sermon, Pastor Greg Smith teaches how the Scriptures and personal experience combine to produce faith in the risen Savior.


April 13 2017

The Unbelievable Messiah: Isaiah 53:1-3

With Isaiah's prophecy of the the Suffering Servant, Pastor Greg Smith teaches why most people reject Jesus: He doesn't look like a Savior.


April 6 2017

According to Scripture: Isaiah 52:13-53:12

Rather than the greatest catastrophe the world had ever seen, the death of Jesus on the Cross was actually the completion of God's Divine Plan of Salvation which He had purposed and foretold through His prophets like Isaiah.


March 24 2017

Hello My Name Is…:Genesis 35:14-21

From Jacob's experience in the death of his beloved Rachel, Pastor Greg Smith proclaims the great truth that what your Heavenly Father says about you is more significant than what others have to say.


March 15 2017

The Holy Highway to God’s House: Genesis 35:1-15

Pastor Greg Smith teaches from Jacob's journey back to Bethel what it means to be Holy as God is Holy and how to walk with Him in holiness!


March 2 2017

Hope for the Home-front: Genesis 34:1-35:5

Through the crisis in Jacob's home with the rape of his daughter Dinah, Pastor Greg Smith proclaims Jesus as the only hope for our own homes in crisis.


February 23 2017

The Journey to Reconcile: Genesis 33:1-17

Using Jacob's reuniting with his brother Esau, Pastor Greg Smith leads believers through the steps of reconciliation with others.


February 16 2017

Divine SmackDown Live: Genesis 32:21-32

Lessons from the first recorded wrestling match in history.


February 13 2017

God is Greater: Genesis 32:1-20

Through Jacob's preparations to meet his brother Esau, Pastor Greg Smith teaches believers how to look to God for their deliverance, even in the midst of the great crises of life.


February 3 2017

Sharing in the Body and Blood: 1Cor. 10:14-18

Pastor Greg Smith prepares the people of God to come to the Lord's Table by showing the Spiritual implications of participating in the Lord's Supper as a believer.

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