September 29 2016

The Election: The Lord God Reigns! Genesis 27

Pastor Greg Smith teaches the doctrine of Election from the story of God's choice of Jacob over Esau and the blessing given by Isaac.


September 21 2016

Cherishing Your Birthright: Genesis 25:27-34

Using the story of Esau despising his birthright, Pastor Greg Smith teaches how a Child of God ought to live due to the birthright each has received from the Heavenly Father.


September 14 2016

Wells, Worship and Wigwams: Genesis 26:17-25

Using the life of the patriarch Isaac, Pastor Greg Smith shows what it takes to live an ordinary life of faith.


August 23 2016

Jesus Freaks: Matthew 5:10-12

In the last Beatitude, Jesus tells his disciples to expect persecution.  Pastor Greg Smith helps us understand what this means and the blessing that comes from it.


August 16 2016

Peace On Earth: Matthew 5:9

The Seventh Beatitude is proclaimed by Pastor Greg Smith.


August 9 2016

Perfect Purity: Matthew 5:8

What is a pure heart, and what does it mean to "see God?"  The Sixth Beatitude!


August 5 2016

The Lord’s Supper is: 1 Corinthians 11:17-34

In this meditation before the Lord's Supper, Pastor Greg Smith prepares the congregation to proclaim the Lord's death for their sin.


July 27 2016

Mercy Me: Matthew 5:7

Using the fifth Beatitude, Pastor Greg Smith challenges hearers to examine their lives in light of the mercy that God has shown them.


July 21 2016

Passionately Pursuing God: Matthew 5:6

Pastor Greg Smith preaches the fourth Beatitude, hungering and thirsting for God's Righteousness.


July 19 2016

Gently Powerful: Matthew 5:5

Preaching the third Beatitude, Pastor Greg Smith explains what gentleness means and how God blesses those who possess it with a divine inheritance. 

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