March 2 2016

For the Joy:Genesis 21:1-21

Pastor Greg Smith teaches believers how to experience joy in life, the birthright of every Child of God.


February 26 2016

Deja Vu All Over Again:Genesis 20

Pastor Greg Smith teaches from Abraham's experience with Abimelech how believers should deal with recurrent sin in their lives.


February 21 2016

Lessons from an Ancient Cave: Genesis 19:30-38

From the example of Lot's sin with his daughters in the cave, Pastor Greg Smith teaches why it is so critical to instill a biblical worldview into children before the culture teaches them something entirely different.


February 14 2016

When You Put Your Tent Near Sodom:Genesis 19:1-29

Pastor Greg Smith preaches from the text detailing the destruction of Sodom showing what a believer loses when he tries to gain the world.


January 27 2016

For The Sake of the Ten:Genesis 18

Teaching from Abraham's plea for the lost souls of Sodom, Pastor Greg Smith calls believers to intimate fellowship with God which results in passionate prayer.


January 21 2016

The Divine Comedy: Genesis 17:15-21; 18:9-15; 21:1-7

Preaching from the story of Abraham's and Sarah's laughter when presented with the promise of God for a son, Pastor Greg Smith shows how we all come to the pivotal moment of life, the Cross, and how this sets the course of our lives.


January 13 2016

Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Genesis 17

Continuing his sermon series in Genesis, Pastor Greg Smith teaches how Abraham's name change and circumcision apply to the believer who has been called by God to be "all in."


December 10 2015

Redeeming Christmas: Isaiah 29:1-14

Pastor Greg Smith examines why some believers today have decided that celebrating Christmas is wrong, and explains what needs to happen for us to redeem the traditional Christmas celebration.


December 4 2015

What’s in a Name:El Shaddai:Genesis 17:1-8,15-16

Pastor Greg Smith explains what the God's name El Shaddai means theologically and what it means practically in the believer's life.


November 22 2015

Lending the Omnipotent God a Helping Hand: Genesis 16:1-16

Through the story of Abram and Hagar, Pastor Greg Smith shows how faith causes a believer to trust God even when he can't see how God will come through for him.

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