November 18 2015

Blood Covenant People: Genesis 15:17-18

Pastor Greg Smith teaches from Abraham's example how the people of God, living in Covenant relationship with Him, should live.


November 10 2015

The Blood Covenant: Genesis 15:6-21

Pastor Greg Smith shows exactly what it means when God cut the Covenant with Abram and the significance it has to this day for a believer who is connected to God by the blood covenant through Christ.


November 5 2015

Why Fear: Genesis 15:1-6

Pastor Greg Smith teaches what believers can expect from God who is able to calm all our fears.


October 30 2015

Meeting the Priestly King: Genesis 14:17-24

Using Abram's meeting with Melchizedek, the Priestly King, Pastor Greg Smith shows what happens when a person meets Jesus, a High Priest after the order of Melchizedek.


October 28 2015

Rescue the Perishing:Genesis 14:1-20

Through the story of Abram's rescue of Lot, Pastor Greg Smith challenges God's people to take action to reach those who are perishing without Christ.


October 22 2015

Walking the Great Divide: Genesis 13:5-18

Pastor Greg Smith teaches through Lot's example how to avoid great pitfalls when making decisions that affect the course of your life.


October 5 2015

Journeying through Famine: Genesis 12:10-13:4

Pastor Greg Smith teaches how believers are to expect and deal with the tests and trials that come during a lifetime of walking with God.


September 25 2015

Journeying with Jesus: Genesis 11:27-12:9

Pastor Greg Smith teaches from Abram's call to journey with God that the believer's life is not a static set of doctrines, but a dynamic, lifelong journey with Christ that is intimate and personal, and that requires faith.


September 19 2015

The Folly of Tower Building: Genesis 11:1-9

Pastor Greg Smith teaches how, like the people of Babel, we build towers in our lives that exclude God.  However, He refuses to let them stand, confounding all our godless efforts.  The Gospel, then, is the answer to all tower builders.


September 9 2015

After the Flood:Genesis 9:18-29

Pastor Greg Smith teaches the path that believers must walk in order to deal with the sin that persists in their lives.

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