September 14 2016

Wells, Worship and Wigwams: Genesis 26:17-25

Using the life of the patriarch Isaac, Pastor Greg Smith shows what it takes to live an ordinary life of faith.


May 5 2016

Living on the Promises:Genesis 25:1-11

From the final chapter of Abraham's earthly journey, Pastor Greg Smith examines how believers should live on the promises that God makes to His people.


April 28 2016

Love Story II:Genesis 24:34-67

Pastor Greg Smith completes the two-part sermon on the servants work of taking a bride for the Son; the work of the evangelist.


April 21 2016

Love Story: Genesis 24:1-33

From the account of Abraham's servant finding a bride for Isaac, Pastor Greg Smith demonstrates how believers do the work of the evangelist.


April 14 2016

Finding God’s Will:Genesis 24:1-27

Using Abraham's as an example, Pastor Greg Smith teaches how to discern the will of God when you are standing at a crossroads in your life.


April 7 2016

Good Grief: Genesis 23:1-20

Through the account of Sarah's death and Abraham's preparations for her burial, Pastor Greg Smith teaches the biblical view of death and grief and how believers should approach it.


March 31 2016

On the Third Day: Genesis 22:12-24

What proves the Resurrection?  What does the Resurrection prove?  Pastor Greg Smith answers these questions as he concludes the account of Abraham's offering of his son Isaac on Mt. Moriah.


March 24 2016

The Lord Will Provide: Genesis 22:1-19

Pastor Greg Smith shows how the sacrifice of Isaac by his father Abraham on Mt. Moriah helps us understand the sacrifice of the Son of God on the Cross.


March 17 2016

On the Lord’s Mountain: Genesis 22:1-19

Pastor Greg Smith shows how Abraham's sacrifice of his son Isaac on the Lord's Mountain teaches a believer what it means to be tested by God and how to succeed in the test.


March 11 2016

The Everlasting God: Genesis 21:22-34

From Abraham's experience with God that causes him to call God "El Olam," Pastor Greg Smith teaches the meaning and significance of calling God the Eternal One, the Everlasting God.

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