May 5 2020

The God Shepherd! Matthew 18:10-14 (4/26/20)

He is not just the Good Shepherd, He is the God Shepherd, and He is just what you need!  Pastor Greg Smith preaching.

November 27 2019

Mission: Down the Mountain! Matthew 17:14-21 Nov. 24, 2019

Mountain-top worship with Jesus is a wonderful privilege for the Church, but the mission of the church is found down the mountain where hurting people need the Lord.  Pastor Greg Smith preaching from the text of Jesus' healing of a demonized boy who the Disciples were unable to heal.

November 22 2019

Metamorphisis! Matthew 17:1-9 11/17/2019

What is God doing in your life?  He is working to transform you from the inside out into the image of Christ.  Pastor Greg Smith preaching from the text of the Transfiguration of Jesus.

November 18 2019

The Word: Priceless! Matthew 16:24-28

Jesus calls His followers to radical discipleship: obedience to His Word.  Pastor Greg Smith preaches from the question Jesus asks us all: Who do you say that I am!

October 21 2019

Who is This Christ! Matthew 16:13-23

Who do you say that Jesus Christ is?  This is the central question that everyone must answer.  Pastor Greg Smith challenges listeners to acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord.

October 14 2019

Seeing is Believing? Matthew 16:1-4

Why doesn't God just give a sign in sky, or show us something in the heavens to prove that He is real and that Jesus is the Savior of the world.  Pastor Greg Smith answers that question in this sermon taken from Jesus' response to the test given to him by the Pharisees and Sadducees.

October 9 2019

That Dog-Gone Jesus! Matthew 15:21-28

Jesus often exasperated the religious leader of His day because he was a friend of sinners.  But even His disciples felt He crossed the line when He gave a lowly Canaanite women what she asked for.  Pastor Greg Smith preaching a sermon that shows why God's people must go to the "Dogs"!

September 26 2019

Finding the Cure: For a Diseased Heart! Matthew 15:1-20

Every person in this world has a "heart" problem.  Everyone is infected by sin.  Jesus is the only cure for a "sin-diseased" heart.  Pastor Greg Smith preaching to apply the cure.

September 17 2019

Against the Wind! Matthew 14:22-36

When Jesus came to His disciples walking on the water in the middle of the Sea of Galilee, He strengthened their faith.  That faith, forged in the darkness while the wind blew, allowed the disciples to continue following Jesus when other were abandoning Him.  A strong faith is not developed in the calm of the day, but in the storm of the night when Jesus is all you have.  Pastor Greg Smith preaching on the miracle of Jesus walking on the water.

September 14 2019

Not Enough is Plenty! Matthew 14:13-21

When you put all you have in the hands of Jesus, you will have all you need.  Pastor Greg Smith preaching on the miracle of the feeding of the 5000.

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