April 10 2019

Lord of the Sabbath! Matthew 12:1-14

The Law of God is fulfilled in Jesus Christ.  Christ Jesus lives in every believer.  So the Law of God is fulfilled in every believer.  God's Law is a blessing for believers as they rest in the completed work of Jesus.

Last Meal, First Supper! Matthew 12:1-14

A Lord's Supper Meditation by Pastor Greg Smith as God's people prepare to share Communion.  The Lord's Supper is a testimony of the Body and Blood of Christ.

April 3 2019

Finding the Carpenter’s Yoke! Matthew 11:28-30

There are some burdens that we carry that we cannot get away from.  But when we yoke up with Jesus, connect to Him, He carries then for us.  Pastor Greg Smith preaching.

March 26 2019

The Consequences of Following Jesus! Matthew 10:32-39

What does it cost a person to become a follower of Jesus Christ.  Pastor Greg Smith preaching to challenge believers to follow Jesus regardless of the cost.

March 12 2019

Death Takes a Holiday! Matthew 9:18-26

When Jesus died on the Cross, He removed the sting of sin which is death.  Faith in Christ means that death has no authority over you.  Pastor Greg Smith preaching from Matthew's Gospel lays out a Theology of Death and gives practical implications for the believer.

February 12 2019

Weddings, Weavings and WineSkins! Matthew 9:14-17

Christ in you means joy for Life!  Pastor Greg Smith preaches three parables of Jesus that show how believers can rejoice in a messed up world.

February 5 2019

Just ‘As Is’ I Am! Matthew 9:9-13

Following Jesus means making Him the center of your life! With the call of Matthew, Pastor Greg Smith shows what it means to answer God's call.  He calls each of us "As Is" and we respond "Just as I am!"

January 29 2019

Stretcher-Bearers for Heaven! Matthew 9:1-8

Will there be anyone in heaven who is there because you brought them to Jesus?  Pastor Greg Smith preaching on the miracle of the paralyzed man, challenges every believer to be a stretcher-bearer  who brings people to Jesus.

January 24 2019

The Great Storm Calmer! Matthew 8:23-27

Great Storms ravage every life at some point, but Jesus is the Great Storm-Calmer.  Pastor Greg Smith teaching that if Jesus can calm the raging storm on the Sea, He can calm any storm in your own life.

January 18 2019

Counting the Cost of Discipleship! Matthew 8:18-22

A Disciple of Jesus follows Him whenever and wherever He leads.  Pastor Greg Smith calls the Body of Christ to count the cost and follow the Master in the coming year.

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