May 22 2012

Romans 1:2-7

John teaches through the greeting in Romans 1

May 18 2012

At the Beginning of Creation; Mark 10:1-9

Greg comments on Marriage


IMB Missionary, Jeremy Parks, shares about his own struggles with sacrifice.

May 10 2012

Biscuits and Sardines; Mark 6:30-44

Greg Smith teaches on Jesus feeding the five thousand.

May 7 2012

Romans Intro

John introduces the book of Romans.

May 3 2012

The Man Who Would Be King: Mark 6:14-29

Greg Smith teaches on Herod and anyone who would be King.

Question and Answer Time: Ezekiel 1

John is answering a question about the meaning of Ezekiel 1

May 2 2012

Packing for the Journey: Mark 6:6-13

Greg Smith teaches on packing for the journey of following Jesus.


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