August 28 2009

Exodus 18:13-26; The Community

John teaches through the orginization of Israel's eldders and how that relates to the church today.

Jesus Freaks: Acts 11:19-30

Greg Smith teaches what it means to be a Jesus Freak

August 24 2009

Salt: Matthew 5:13

Rudy Seanz teaches what it means to be salt in this world.

August 21 2009

Exodus 18:1-12; A God Honoring Relationship.

John teaches on Exodus 18:1-12, Jethro's reunion with Moses

August 10 2009

Exodus 17:8-16, Prayer

John finishes Exodus 17 with an exhortation to pray

August 7 2009

The LORD’S Supper, This We Share

Greg leads the congregation in a full understanding of the LORD'S Supper.

August 4 2009

Exodus 17:1-7; Do You Trust God?

John Examines the text asking, do you trust God?


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