July 11 2017

The Good Shepherd: John 10:1-18; Psalm 23

Joe Johnson preaches the Gospel of Christ, the Good Shepherd who lays His life down for His Sheep.


The Wicked Tenants: Matthew 21:33-46

Dr. David Barr teaches the Adult V Sunday School Lesson from the Gospel Project on July 9, 2017.


June 23 2017

Healing for Fractured Families: Genesis 37, 50

Pastor Greg Smith preaches on Father's Day, proclaiming the Good News of Christ and hope for fractured families.


Impact Your World: John 4:3-38

Joe Constintine teaches believers how to maximize their influence for Christ in thier world.


June 14 2017

God’s Call in Our Lives: Matthew 4:18-22

Joe Constintine fills the pulpit in the absence of the Pastor, teaching belivers how to know and respond to God's call in their lives.


The Sower and Soils: Mark 4:1-20

David Barr teaches the Adult V Sunday School Class on June 4, 2017.


May 30 2017

Memorials of Grace: Joshua 4:1-9

The twelve stones Joshua erected at Gilgal after the Children of Israel crossed the Jordan on dry ground was a memorial to the Grace of God.  Believers today are also memorial of God's Grace.  Pastor Greg Smith shows believers what it means fro believers to give testimony to the grace of God in their lives.


May 29 2017

Jesus’ Rejection: Luke 4:14-30

Dr. David Barr teaches the Gospel Project Sunday School lesson on May 21, 2017 in the Adult V Sunday School class at FBC Brazoria.


May 26 2017

Follow Me: John 21:15-17

On Graduate Day, FBC's Student and Family Pastor Joe Johnson preaches on the Call and necessity of Following Jesus.


May 19 2017

Adam’s Rib: Proverbs 31:11-31

Mother's Day 2017, Pastor Greg Smith proclaims God's ideal for women of faith and how God accomplishes this.

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