March 29 2011

Taking the Risk! II Kings 7:1-9

Greg Smith encourages the congregation to take the risk and Surrender to Jesus.


March 23 2011

The Prayer of Revival; Daniel 10

Greg Smith teaches on the prayer of revival.


March 15 2011

God:”My people have sinned.”; Corporate Sin and Repentance, Ezra 9-10

Greg Teaches on coporate sin and coporate repentance.


March 8 2011

The Path to Revival: Isaiah 6:1-10

Greg Smith teaches on the path to revival


March 1 2011

“When Your Father Gets Home!” - Hebrews 12:4-11

Greg Smith challenges the congregation to consider the discipline of God over His children.


February 24 2011

Falling Away: God’s people and apostasy; Judges 1-2

Greg Smith examines apostasy and the church.


February 8 2011

In the Time of God’s Favor; Isa. 49:8 and Joel 2:12-17

Greg Smith continues his series on Spiritual Awakening by examining the year of the Lord's favor.


February 1 2011

Spiritual Awakening; Because He is real: Luke 16:19-31

Greg Smith continues to examine Spiritual awakening.


January 25 2011

Spiritual Awakening; Roadblocks to Revival: Luke 11:37-54

Greg Smith preaches the second in a series on spiritual awakening.


January 14 2011

Spiritual Awakening: God’s Alarm Clock; II Chron. 7:11-22

Greg Smith begins a series on Spiritual awakening.

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