May 30 2017

Memorials of Grace: Joshua 4:1-9

The twelve stones Joshua erected at Gilgal after the Children of Israel crossed the Jordan on dry ground was a memorial to the Grace of God.  Believers today are also memorial of God's Grace.  Pastor Greg Smith shows believers what it means fro believers to give testimony to the grace of God in their lives.


May 19 2017

Adam’s Rib: Proverbs 31:11-31

Mother's Day 2017, Pastor Greg Smith proclaims God's ideal for women of faith and how God accomplishes this.


May 15 2017

Real Men: Psalm 1:1-6

Pastor Greg Smith calls men to faithfulness to God in every areas of their lives.  Real men love Jesus.


May 11 2017

The Food of Eternal Life: John 6:53-58

A meditation from the Scripture before the Lord's Supper on the significance of the Body and Blood of Jesus!


April 27 2017

If the Resurrection is True: Isaiah 54:1-5

What does it mean to live in light of the fact of the Resurrection?  If the Resurrection is true, it changes everything!


April 19 2017

He is Risen: Isaiah 53:4-12

In this Resurrection Sunday sermon, Pastor Greg Smith teaches how the Scriptures and personal experience combine to produce faith in the risen Savior.


April 13 2017

The Unbelievable Messiah: Isaiah 53:1-3

With Isaiah's prophecy of the the Suffering Servant, Pastor Greg Smith teaches why most people reject Jesus: He doesn't look like a Savior.


April 6 2017

According to Scripture: Isaiah 52:13-53:12

Rather than the greatest catastrophe the world had ever seen, the death of Jesus on the Cross was actually the completion of God's Divine Plan of Salvation which He had purposed and foretold through His prophets like Isaiah.


March 30 2017

Weird, because Normal isn’t working: 1 Peter 2:6-12

Joe Johnson preaches his first sermon at FBC while being considered for the position of Pastor of Youth and Family Ministries.


March 24 2017

Hello My Name Is…:Genesis 35:14-21

From Jacob's experience in the death of his beloved Rachel, Pastor Greg Smith proclaims the great truth that what your Heavenly Father says about you is more significant than what others have to say.

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