December 2 2020

In the Way of the Cross! Luke 23:32-43 (November 29, 2020)

Preparing yourself for the Lord's Supper is to examine your life in light of the Cross.  Pastor Greg Smith preaching to in preparation for Communion.

Well Bless God! Psalm 103:1-22 (November 22, 2020)

We know what it means for God to bless us; but what does it mean to Bless God? Pastor Greg Smith's message of Thanksgiving in the year of Covid-19.

November 17 2020

Open Windows Religion! Daniel 6:1-28 (Nov. 15, 2020)

Daniel in the Lion's Den is one of the most well known and beloved stories in all of Scripture.  It is the account of a man of God living out his faith in the midst of a faith-less world.  Pastor Greg Smith applies the life lessons of faith from this well known passage in this sermon.

November 10 2020

The Handwriting on the Wall! Daniel 5:1-31 (Nov. 8, 2020)

The handwriting of God is on the wall and He has a message for each one of us.  Pastor Greg Smith's seventh sermon in his series from the book of Daniel.

October 19 2020

Animal Psychology! Daniel 4:1-37 (Oct. 18, 2020)

The further away from God a person gets, the more like an animal they become.  King Nebuchadnezzar is the classic example and a great example for us today.  Pastor Greg Smith's sixth sermon in his series from the book of Daniel.

October 13 2020

The Sound of Music! Daniel 3:1-30 (Oct. 11, 2020)

Why would God allow you to be put into the furnace of trials and tribulations?  Does God have a purpose and plan for you even through the trials of life?  Pastor Greg Smith's fifth sermon in his series from the book of Daniel.

October 6 2020

The Fatal Flaw! Daniel 2:31-49 (October 4, 2020)

Every manmade kingdom in this world has a fatal flaw and will eventually be destroyed.   The Kingdom of God alone is eternal and worthy of our allegiance.  Pastor Greg Smith's fourth sermon from Daniel in the series "Faith-living in a Faith-less World!"

September 27 2020

The Impossible Dream! Daniel 2:1-23 (Sept. 27, 2020)

Life is often impossible.  Daniel show us how to live in the victoriously in the impossibilities of life.  Pastor Greg Smith's third sermon in his series from Daniel, "Faith-Living in a Faith-less World."

September 22 2020

Daniel in the Dining Room! Daniel 1:1-27 (Sept. 20, 2020)

The world would like to press you into its own mold and tell you how to live.  A Child of God is made in the image of Christ and must be ready to deny the world's attempts to change him or her.  Pastor Greg Smith's second sermon in his series: "Faith-Living in a Faith-less World!"

September 15 2020

Where is Your God? Daniel 1:1-2 (Sept. 13, 2020)

There is a God in Heaven, and He is in control of this world!  This is the message of the Book of Daniel.  Pastor Greg Smith begins a series of sermons on this Old Testament book.

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