About us

At FBC Brazoria, we are committed to teaching the Word of God with clairity, conviction and truth.  We believe that the Christian Bible is the inspired Word of the One true living God.  This God sent His son to die on a cross as a propitiation for our sins that we might see, repent, and be saved from our deserved punishment.  Further, this same God raised our crucified Lord from the tomb overcoming death.  He can do the same for you.  You will find that this is who we are teaching about at FBC Brazoria.  

We publish two of our worship services here at FBC.  The first is our Sunday morning worship lead by our senior pastor Greg Smith.  The second is our Youth Wednesday Night Service lead by our youth pastor John Elkins.  You can learn more about both these men by following the sidebar like to our church's homepage. 

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