Greg smith leads the congregation in a study of the Roman Gaurd's perspective at the cross. 

Important Note: Throughout the service on Sunday morning a drama took place in which first, a teenager walked in during the worship music playing his own rock music on head phones, droped his skate board, shook his head, leaned against the cross, shaking his head in disaproval of the service, then turning to look at the cross he shook his head and picked up a nail from the foot of the croos and left.  A little later in the service, the same young man returned through the choir doors, this time obviously in college, he sat and began typing on his lap top, attempting to study over the music, constantly shaking his head in irratation with the service disturbing his study, he stood from his seated position, put his lap top away, picked up another nail, and walked out shaking his head in irratation.  A little later in the service, same man came out, this time he was grown up in a business suit, talking on a cell phone.  Leaning against the cross, he didn't even notice the people singing as he gabed away on the phone.  After a few minutes he ended his phone conversation and looked at the cross, picked up a nail, and exited as if in a hurry to go somewhere.  Just before the message, a grown man carrying a golf bag entered and braced himself on the cross so he could tie his shoe.  As he tied his shoe a young girl came out to him and asked, "Daddy, aren't you coming to church with us today?"  The father turned to the child and gently explained that today was his only day off and he always spent his only day off golfing.  The little girl turned and walked out sad, then shortly returned and asked, "don't you know that Jesus died for you?"  The man stood up shocked by his daughter's words.  Now he was holding all three nails and a hammer.  He looked at the cross and stumbled out leaving his golf bag.  Finally, after the sermon, the man came in the front of the church, droped his hammer and nails at the foot of the cross, and fell to his knees...  he remained there until the end of the service.