September 20 2013

An Invitation to Matthew’s House; Matthew 9:9-13

Greg teaches about Matthew 9:9-13

September 6 2013

The Way of Jesus; John 7:1-24

Student Pastor, John Elkins, teaches on the way of Jesus as compared to the way of the world. 

December 7 2012

The First Gift; Matthew 2:1-12

Greg examines the gift of the magi.

July 6 2012

What the Deaf Man Heard; Mark 7:31-37

Greg teaches on the healing of the deaf man

June 15 2012

The Heart of the Matter; Mark 7:1-13

Greg teaches on the heart

Rowing Against the Wind; Mark 6:45-56

Greg Smith teaches about when Jesus walked on water.

May 18 2012


IMB Missionary, Jeremy Parks, shares about his own struggles with sacrifice.

February 10 2012

To Those on The Outside; Mark 4:10-12, 21-25

Greg continues his series through the book of Mark

February 9 2012

Farmer God Plants a Crop; Mark 4:1-20

Greg discusses the parable of the soils

December 9 2011

The Lord’s Supper: Thanksgiving

Greg shares about Psalm 136.

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