March 10 2015

Disciple Now Session 1; Joe Johnson

Joe Johnson brings a series of messages on worship for our Disciple Now Weekend

February 9 2015

Philippians 1; Youth Groups United Service

FBC Brazoria, FBC Sweeny, New Shores Baptist Church, and FBC West Columbia united for a special worship service.  Colby Wallace of FBC West Columbia brings a passionate word about being a part of the Church.

December 30 2014

The Gifts of Christmas: The gift that keeps on giving; Job 42:10-11

Greg Smith concludes his Christmas series through the gifts of Christmas. 

December 23 2014

The Gifts of Christmas: The Gift that Lives; Job 19:23-27

Greg Smith reflects on the Living Redeemer in Job 19

The Gifts of Christmas: God’s gift

Greg Smith pauses to reflect on the Christmas story.

October 10 2014

Not Disapointed: Mike Howard

IMB Missionary from Zambia Mike Howard shares from God's word

July 4 2014

A Great Foundataion

Guest Preacher, Brother Harold Mills brings a message calling the congregation to remember our foundations. 

September 27 2013

United Service with FBC West Columbia and FBC Brazoria

Colby and John teach on what it means to be a part of a community of faith. 

April 17 2013

Why Do We Sink? Youth Sunday; Matthew 14:22-31

Cameron Suarez and Kaleb Domel preach about the sinking of Peter and the implications of that story on our own lives.

February 26 2013

D-Now Session Four: When God Says Wait

Ryan Jasper continues his D-Now series on prayer

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