February 17 2020

Basic Church: Reaching In! Acts 2:41-47 Feb. 16, 2020

A basic part of being the Church is a devotion to the Fellowship.  Pastor Greg Smith's seventh and final message in his 2020 series 'Basic Church.'

February 11 2020

Basic Church: Reaching Out - Why? Feb. 9, 2020

Why should believers in Jesus be concerned with sharing their faith in a way that leads others to come to faith in Christ?  The answer: because people who don't know Jesus are on their way to hell, but their destination can be changed by Jesus.  Pastor Greg Smith's sixth sermon in his New Year's series: Basic Church.

February 3 2020

Basic Church: Reaching Out - How Now! Luke 5:17-26 Feb. 2, 2020

What does every member of the church need to participate in the outreach ministry of the church?  Sermon 5 in Pastor Greg Smith's series: Basic Church!

January 27 2020

Basic Church: Reaching Up, Who me? Matthew 4:18-23 Jan. 26, 2020

Every church member is a disciple of Jesus who is called to be with Him.  Jesus Christ uses His disciples to reach the world.  The fourth sermon in Pastor Greg Smith's sermon series: Basic Church.

January 22 2020

Basic Church: Reaching Out! Acts 2:41-47 Jan. 19, 2020

The Church exists to reach the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  So a basic function of the Church is reaching out.  Pastor Greg Smith's third sermon in his 2020 series entitled "Basic Church."

January 14 2020

Basic Church: Reaching Up! Acts 2:41-47 (Jan. 12, 2020)

The second sermon in Pastor Greg's Basic Church series: Reaching up in prayer.

January 6 2020

Basic Church: The Word and Worship! Acts 2:41-47 Jan. 5, 2020

What does a New Testament Church do anyway?  Pastor Greg Smith begins a series of sermons called "Basic Church" by looking at the very first church in Acts 2 and examining what lies at the foundation of Church activity.

December 30 2019

The Value of the One! John 1:35-42 Dec. 29,19

There are no insignificant people, gifts or acts of service in the Kingdom of God.  The value of the one is seen throughout Scripture and particularly in the life of the Apostle Andrew.  Pastor Greg Smith preaching on the last Sunday of 2019.

December 23 2019

God’s Christmas Gift! 2 Cor. 9:15 12/22/19

At Christmas-time we give and receive gifts even though Christmas is the celebration of Jesus' birth.  But in our giving and receiving, we are able to give glory to the God who gave first, the greatest gift of all, Jesus!

December 10 2019

God Rest Ye Merry! Romans 15:13 12/8/19

Pastor Greg Smith's Christmas Message: Merry Christmas!  But how can you have a merry Christmas when there is so much hurt and brokenness in life.  That is the message of Christmas: Jesus is the Answer!

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