December 10 2019

God Rest Ye Merry! Romans 15:13 12/8/19

Pastor Greg Smith's Christmas Message: Merry Christmas!  But how can you have a merry Christmas when there is so much hurt and brokenness in life.  That is the message of Christmas: Jesus is the Answer!

February 26 2019

By the Blood! Romans 1:18-32

Kelly Langham, a deacon at FBC, preaches the gospel in the absence of the pastor.

December 6 2017

Beautiful Feet: Romans 10:13-17

On Missions Ingathering Day at First Baptist Church, Pastor Greg Smith lays the biblical foundation for the mission work of the church.

April 20 2014

Romans 14:1-9

John continues teaching through the book of Romans

April 13 2014

Romans 13:8-14

John Elkins continues his series through the Book of Romans

April 4 2014

Romans 13:1-8

John Elkins continues to walk through Romans.

April 1 2014

Romans 12:14-21

John continues his series through Romans

March 27 2014

Romans 12:9-14

John Elkins continues through Romans 

March 19 2014

Romans 12:3-8

John continues to walk through the book of Romans.  

January 20 2014

Romans 12:1-2

John Elkins continues to lead the students on a walk through the book of Romans

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