December 2 2020

Well Bless God! Psalm 103:1-22 (November 22, 2020)

We know what it means for God to bless us; but what does it mean to Bless God? Pastor Greg Smith's message of Thanksgiving in the year of Covid-19.

March 19 2019

The Advantage of Silence! Psalm 46

Pastor Joe Johnson preaching at FBC Brazoria on the topic of Silence and God's purposes in a believer's life!

October 11 2018

Clean Hands-Pure Heart! Psalm 24

Pastor Joe Johnson challenges believers to examine their actions and attitudes in the Body of Christ.  Sermon preached on a Lord's Supper Sunday.

November 28 2017

The Thanksgiving Song Part II: Psalm 100

The second part of Pastor Greg Smith's Thanksgiving message.

November 22 2017

The Thanksgiving Song: Psalm 100

Psalm 100 is labeled "The Thanksgiving Song."  It is actually a song of worship in which Thanksgiving is a vital part.  In the first of this two-part sermon, Pastor Greg Smith shows how the Psalm teaches us how to worship.  

September 12 2017

When Bad Things Happen to Good People: Psalm 40

Pastor Greg Smith preaching on the first Sunday after Hurricane Harvey devestated the Brazoria area and caused the church to suspend services for two weeks.  

May 15 2017

Real Men: Psalm 1:1-6

Pastor Greg Smith calls men to faithfulness to God in every areas of their lives.  Real men love Jesus.

January 5 2016

In the Shadow of the Almighty: Psalm 91

Pastor Greg Smith challenges believers from the Scriptures to live for Christ in 2016 and gives practical ways to draw closer to Him.

September 7 2014

Praise The Lord! A Lord’s Supper Meditation; Psalm 150

Greg Smith concludes his series through the Hymn book of the Bible with this Lord's Supper meditation

September 5 2014

My Sweet Lord; Psalm 118

Greg Smith continues to lead the congregation through the Hymn book of the Bible 

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