April 11 2022

Dispelling the Shadow! John 11:17-43 (Apr. 10, 2022)

The resurrection has no meaning except against the backdrop of death.  Everyone walks through the valley of the shadow of death.  But Jesus dispels the shadow.  In Christ, there is no more sting, pain or fear in death.  Pastor Greg Smith preaching on Palm Sunday.

March 23 2020

Healing for a Troubled Heart! John 14:1-7 (3/22/2020)

Pastor Greg Smith preaching during the second week of the Corona-virus pandemic, a time, as Thomas Paine once put it, "that tries men's souls!"

December 30 2019

The Value of the One! John 1:35-42 Dec. 29,19

There are no insignificant people, gifts or acts of service in the Kingdom of God.  The value of the one is seen throughout Scripture and particularly in the life of the Apostle Andrew.  Pastor Greg Smith preaching on the last Sunday of 2019.

September 3 2018

Fruit-Filled Living: Galatians 5:23-25, John 15:1-5

In this final sermon in his series on the Fruit of the Spirit, Pastor Greg Smith shows how a believer must live in order for the Spirit to produce fruit in his life.

July 11 2017

The Good Shepherd: John 10:1-18; Psalm 23

Joe Johnson preaches the Gospel of Christ, the Good Shepherd who lays His life down for His Sheep.

May 26 2017

Follow Me: John 21:15-17

On Graduate Day, FBC's Student and Family Pastor Joe Johnson preaches on the Call and necessity of Following Jesus.

May 11 2017

The Food of Eternal Life: John 6:53-58

A meditation from the Scripture before the Lord's Supper on the significance of the Body and Blood of Jesus!

October 14 2015

Let the Light Shine:John 1:1-13

Bro. Mike Mills preaches from John 1, showing how the light of Christ overcomes the darkness.

July 28 2015

The Food of Fasting:John 4:1-38

Pastor Greg Smith teaches how the power that food has in our lives translates to spiritual power in our lives when we fast.

February 5 2015

John 6:1-15; Feeding the 5,000

John continues to walk through the Gospel of John 

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