February 28 2008

I John 2:18-27, On False Teachers

In an examination of I John 2:18-27, John Elkins warns the the congregation of false teachers and encourages them to abide in Christ.

February 21 2008

I John 2:15-17, Solomon Vs. Job

John leads the congregation through an examination of Solomon's life as one who loved the world and thereby had nothing at the end of his days as compared to Job who loved the Lord and thereby gained everything at the end of his days.

February 14 2008

I John 2:7-15, Brotherly Love

John leads the congregation in an examination of I John 2:7-15.  How do you know you are a believer: You love other believers.

February 7 2008

I John 2:1-7, Perfected in Love

John Elkins is teaching through the book of I John .  this is part three, John challenges the listener to examine their lives in light of what the scripture is saying.

Quick Note:We're still trying to work out the bugs for the streaming audio, these work best if you download them first then play them from your computer

January 31 2008

I John 1:1-10

I John 1-10.  Wed. Night Youth service at FBC Brazoria.  January 30th 2008.

January 30 2008

I John Overview

This is the overview of First John.  John Elkins is teaching through it starting January 23rd 2008...  This Cast works best if you download it to your computer first then play it in your normal media player.


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