January 16 2022

Longing to Belong! Leviticus 1:1-9 (Jan. 16, 2022)

God created us with a longing to belong.  And that longing can only be completely filled by Jesus.  The Burnt Offering is a picture of this.  Pastor Greg Smith's second sermon in his series from the Old Testament book of Leviticus.

January 9 2022

Holy Wholeness! Leviticus 20:26 (Jan. 9, 2022)

The first sermon in Pastor Greg Smith's series from Leviticus: "Whole People; Holy Living!"  Leviticus 20:26 states the purpose of the book and all the things found in it.  This is God's message to His people, 'You will be holy unto me.... '

December 26 2021

After Advent: Comfort! Matthew 2:13-18 (Dec. 26, 2021)

The Christmas story doesn't end with the worship of the Magi.  After the birth of Jesus, Herod ordered the slaughter of the baby boys in Bethlehem.  This heinous act leads us directly to the God who comes into our fallen, broken world to save us.  Pastor Greg Smith's final sermon in his Advent 2021 series.

December 20 2021

Advent 2021: Peace! John 14:27 (12/19/21)

World Peace is a joke and so are prizes for peacemakers!  But when Jesus was born, the Angels proclaimed "Peace on Earth."  The Advent of Jesus was the advent of Peace: Peace with God!  Pastor Greg Smith's fourth sermon in his Advent 2021 series.

December 12 2021

Advent 2021: Joy! Luke 2:1-20 (Dec. 12, 2021)

Joy is the result of the news that Christ has come.  But joy must be received.  A child of God must go to the stable to experience the new-born King.  Pastor Greg Smith's third sermon in his Advent series.

December 9 2021

Advent 2021: Love! John 3:16 (Dec. 5, 2021)

The second sermon in the Advent 2021 series.  The Love of God is the reason Messiah came.  His love must be received.

Advent 2021: Hope! Micah 5:1-5 (Nov. 28, 2021)

The first of four sermons on Advent.  Hope begins the journey as the prophecy candle is lit.  Looking forward to the coming of the Messiah: Hope changes everything.

Forget Not His Benefits! Psalm 103 (Nov. 21, 2021)

Pastor Greg Smith's Thanksgiving message from the pulpit of FBC Brazoria.

November 16 2021

Braced for Change: Like a Child! Luke 18:15-17 (11/14/21)

Our world is in constant change and we must find ways to adapt.  But the greatest change that each one needs is a change of heart.  Jesus said we must become like a little child to receive the Kingdom of God.  Pastor Greg Smith preaching from the pulpit of FBC Brazoria.

November 8 2021

Braced for Change: The Only Constant! Hebrews 13:7-9 (Nov. 7, 2021)

We are living in a rapidly changing world that produces a great deal of fear on many levels.  It has been said that change is the only constant.  But there is one thing, or one person, who is the same yesterday, today and forever: the Lord Jesus Christ.  Pastor Greg Smith preaching from the pulpit of FBC Brazoria.

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