March 2 2017

Hope for the Home-front: Genesis 34:1-35:5

Through the crisis in Jacob's home with the rape of his daughter Dinah, Pastor Greg Smith proclaims Jesus as the only hope for our own homes in crisis.

February 23 2017

The Journey to Reconcile: Genesis 33:1-17

Using Jacob's reuniting with his brother Esau, Pastor Greg Smith leads believers through the steps of reconciliation with others.

February 16 2017

Divine SmackDown Live: Genesis 32:21-32

Lessons from the first recorded wrestling match in history.

February 13 2017

God is Greater: Genesis 32:1-20

Through Jacob's preparations to meet his brother Esau, Pastor Greg Smith teaches believers how to look to God for their deliverance, even in the midst of the great crises of life.

December 1 2016

Coram Deo: Genesis 31:17-55

Although like Rachel, we try to hide our idols in the places where we think no one can see, there is nothing that is hidden from God. We live Corem Deo, in the presence of God. Pastor Greg Smith challenges believers to identify the idols of  thier lives and turn from them to the God who sees all, and still loves.

November 26 2016

Till Jesus Comes: Genesis 30:25-31:16

Genesis provides foundations for life.  A major part of a solid foundation is a biblical work ethic.  Pastor Greg Smith uses Jacob's work experience to proclaim God's prespective on our work.

November 17 2016

Counting Another’s Blessings: Genesis 30:1-24

Identifying and exercising faith over the sin of envy is the topic of this sermon by Pastor Greg Smith from the story of the struggle between Jacob's wives.

November 7 2016

Looking For Love (in all the wrong places)! Gen. 29

The struggle for life is the struggle for love; but the hole in every heart can only be filled by God. Pastor Greg Smith shows how Jacob and Leah's lives model that truth.

October 27 2016

Treasure Beneath the Stairway to Heaven: Genesis 28:12-22

The response of Jacob when he met God under the stairway to heaven and received the promises of God is the setting for this sermon by Pastor Greg Smith on the power of the Tithe.

October 20 2016

Beneath The Stairway to Heaven: Genesis 28:1-22

With Jacob under the stairway that reaches to heaven, Pastor Greg Smith teaches how a believer lives in relationship with the omnipresent God.

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