October 30 2009

Exodus 21:33-22:31; Do Somthing!

John challenges the people to do somthing!

October 26 2009

Exodus 21: Slavery

John teaches about the laws on slavery.

Exodus 20:18-26: Blessings

John Examines the text of Exodus 20:18-26 in light of the blessings of the Lord upon His people.  Note: there are several testamony's of the youth throughout the message and at the end.

October 16 2009

Exodus 20:12-16; The Second half of the Ten

John Teaches the second half of the ten commandments.

October 4 2009

Exodus 20:8-11; Sabbath

John attempts to answer the question, what is the sabbath?

September 13 2009

Exodus 20:1-11; The First Four Commandments

John examines the first four commandments.

Note:  The first 15 minutes of the sermon were not recorded, John introduces the sermon by asking, "how does Stephen, the first Martyr in Acts 7, become so focused on God that he would die in peace."

September 9 2009

Exodus 19:7-25; Meeting with God

John teaches on Exodus 19:7-25 and the meeting with God.

August 28 2009

Exodus 18:13-26; The Community

John teaches through the orginization of Israel's eldders and how that relates to the church today.

August 21 2009

Exodus 18:1-12; A God Honoring Relationship.

John teaches on Exodus 18:1-12, Jethro's reunion with Moses

August 10 2009

Exodus 17:8-16, Prayer

John finishes Exodus 17 with an exhortation to pray

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