May 20 2010

Exodus 32; Jesus Interceeds

John explains Exodus 32 as a picture of Jesus interceeding on behalf of those who would believe.

April 30 2010

Exodus 30; The Fragrance

John explains the fragrance of Christ.

April 29 2010

Exodus 29; The Consecration of the Priests

John examines the consecration of the Priests.

February 26 2010

Exodus 28; The High Priest’s Robes

John examines the robes of the High Priest and what they tell us about Jesus.

February 22 2010

Exodus 27; The Brazen Altar

John examines the Brazen Altar of Exodus as it compares to the cross.

Exodus 26; The Trinity in the Curtains

John shows how God revealed His character in the Curtains of the Tabernacle.

February 11 2010

Exodus 25; The Ark, The Bread, The Lampstand

John examines the ark, the bread, and the lampstand of the tabernacle.

December 16 2009

Exodus 23:19-33;

John teaches on the Angel of the LORD in Exodus.

December 7 2009

Exodus 23:10-19; Worship

John Challenges the people to worship in truth.

November 5 2009

Exodus 23:1-9, What is Justice

Micah Huebner answers the question what is justice?

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