May 31 2021

P.O.W.’s No More! Colossians 2:8-12 (May 30, 2021)

Believers are engaged in a spiritual battle with an enemy that would rob them of their peace and joy.  The adversary cannot take their salvation, but he is able to take them captive. The Apostle Paul uncovers the schemes of the enemy and what a believer should do to keep from becoming a P.O.W.

May 24 2021

Christ is Life, everything else is ___________! Colossians 2:3-7 (May 23, 2021)

How would you define life?  Not in biological terms but in living.  For a child of God, Christ is life!  But what does that mean?  Pastor Greg Smith's eighth sermon from his series in Colossians.

May 17 2021

How Great and Agony! Colossians 2:1-3 (May 16, 2021)

When you are growing in Christ, in the Body of Christ, all the treasures of God that have been hidden in Him are revealed to you.  Pastor Greg Smith preaching for the book of Colossians.

May 10 2021

The Hope of Glory! Colossians 1:24-29 (May 9, 2021)

God has revealed His love for all people in His Son Jesus Christ.  And for all who put their faith in Jesus, God the Father puts the Son in them.  Christ is You is the Hope of Glory.  Pastor Greg Smith's sixth sermon from his series in Colossians.

May 3 2021

The Doctrine of You: Three Little Words! Colossians 1:21-23 (May 2, 2021)

When you have a proper biblical understanding of who you are, you will be able to fully grasp the significance of who Christ is and what He did. In this passage of Scripture, Paul uses three little words to show the past, present and future of a believer.  Pastor Greg Smith preaching on the Doctrine of Reconciliation. 


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