August 30 2020

If Jesus Had a Body! I Corinthians 12:12-26 (Aug. 30, 2020)

Jesus had a real physical body when He walked on this earth, and He has one today as He continues to walk the earth.  His body is the Body of Christ, the Church.  Every believer is a vital part of the Body.  Pastor Greg Smith preaching in the pulpit of First Baptist Church in preparation for the Lord's Supper.

August 25 2020

A Potato Proves Nothing, or An Empty Tomb; A Living Savior! Matthew 28:1-20

The Resurrection of Jesus is the foundation of the the Christian Faith. If it didn't happen, as the skeptics claim, there is no Christian Faith.  If Jesus really did rise from grave, then it makes all the difference in the world.  Pastor Greg Smith's final sermon in his series from Matthew's Gospel, 'Just a Carpenter!'

August 17 2020

Your Own Personal Miracle! Matthew 27:27-54 (8/16/2020)

When Jesus was crucified, a number of miracles were occurred as He hung and died.  But the greatest miracle of the Cross, is very personal to every believer.  On the Cross, Jesus took your sin and you receive His Righteousness.   That is your own personal miracle!

August 11 2020

The Lesser Powers! Matthew 26:47-56 (Aug. 9, 2020)

The things of this world that impress most of us: money, sword (weapons), etc. are the lesser powers.  The Greater Power is found in the blood of Jesus shed on the Cross.  Pastor Greg Smith preaching from the pulpit of FBC Brazoria.

August 4 2020

The Divine Scandal! Matthew 26:31-35 (8/2/2020)

The Cross of Jesus is the Divine Scandal, a stumbling block for most people, but life for those who come to God by faith.  Pastor Greg Smith preaching from the pulpit of FBC Brazoria.


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