June 28 2020

A Tale of Two Attitudes! Matthew 24:45-51 (6-28-2020)

Jesus is coming again!  The command for believers is to "Be Ready" for His coming.  But what does that look like, or how should a believer live in light of the fact of the Second Coming of Christ.  Pastor Greg Smith preaching from the pulpit at FBC Brazoria.

June 23 2020

As the Days. . .So the Coming! Matthew 24: 36-44 (6/21/2020)

The reality of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ captures the imagination of most believers.  How should we live in light of His coming?  Pastor Greg Smith preaching from the Pulpit of FBC Brazoria on the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

June 14 2020

Are We There Yet? Matthew 24:32-35 (June 14, 2020)

When you are on a journey, it's human nature to wonder when you will arrive.  It is also in the nature of believers to wonder when the end will come and when will Jesus return.  Pastor Greg Smith examines the signs marking the coming of the end in this sermon on the Parable of the Fig Tree.

June 8 2020

Your Royal Invitation! Matthew 22:1-14 (6-7-2020)

God is preparing a wedding banquet for His Son and His Bride.  Every person has been invited to this celebration, but you must respond.  Pastor Greg Smith preaching from the parable of the Wedding Banquet.

June 4 2020

A Sharecropper’s Tale! Matthew 21:33-46 (5/31/2020)

Jesus' parable of the Sharecroppers is really the story of each one of us.  God gives us all we need for life; in sin we reject that provision; God gives His Son to restore us to a place of life.  Pastor Greg Smith preaching from the parables of Jesus.


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