March 31 2020

Lift Up Your Eyes! 2 Chronicles 20:1-12 (Mar.29, 2020)

How does a Child of God exercise their faith in times of Crisis?  Pastor Greg Smith preaching from FBC Brazoria during the Covid-19 Stay safe at home order.

March 23 2020

Healing for a Troubled Heart! John 14:1-7 (3/22/2020)

Pastor Greg Smith preaching during the second week of the Corona-virus pandemic, a time, as Thomas Paine once put it, "that tries men's souls!"

March 16 2020

Plague Goes Before Him! (Habakkuk 3:1-19) 3/15/2020

Pastor Greg Smith addresses the pandemic of 2020 known as the Corona Virus and the way that God's people should think about it and respond.

The Missionary Task! (Acts 14:21-28) 3/8/2020

The mission team to Lesotho reports back to the church on everything God has done, and is doing on the mission field.  The church is challenged to pray about God's plans for the church on mission with Him.

Lessons from Lesotho! (2 Cor. 5) 3/1/2020

Pastor Greg Smith preaching after spending ten days in the South African country of Lesosho.

Going All In! 2/23/2020

Joe Johnson preaching at FBC on Feb. 23, 2020.


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