February 17 2020

Basic Church: Reaching In! Acts 2:41-47 Feb. 16, 2020

A basic part of being the Church is a devotion to the Fellowship.  Pastor Greg Smith's seventh and final message in his 2020 series 'Basic Church.'

February 11 2020

Basic Church: Reaching Out - Why? Feb. 9, 2020

Why should believers in Jesus be concerned with sharing their faith in a way that leads others to come to faith in Christ?  The answer: because people who don't know Jesus are on their way to hell, but their destination can be changed by Jesus.  Pastor Greg Smith's sixth sermon in his New Year's series: Basic Church.

February 3 2020

Basic Church: Reaching Out - How Now! Luke 5:17-26 Feb. 2, 2020

What does every member of the church need to participate in the outreach ministry of the church?  Sermon 5 in Pastor Greg Smith's series: Basic Church!


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