October 21 2019

Who is This Christ! Matthew 16:13-23

Who do you say that Jesus Christ is?  This is the central question that everyone must answer.  Pastor Greg Smith challenges listeners to acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord.

October 14 2019

Seeing is Believing? Matthew 16:1-4

Why doesn't God just give a sign in sky, or show us something in the heavens to prove that He is real and that Jesus is the Savior of the world.  Pastor Greg Smith answers that question in this sermon taken from Jesus' response to the test given to him by the Pharisees and Sadducees.

October 9 2019

That Dog-Gone Jesus! Matthew 15:21-28

Jesus often exasperated the religious leader of His day because he was a friend of sinners.  But even His disciples felt He crossed the line when He gave a lowly Canaanite women what she asked for.  Pastor Greg Smith preaching a sermon that shows why God's people must go to the "Dogs"!

October 1 2019

Testimony of the Table: A Lord’s Supper Meditation! Luke 22:7-20

If the Lord's Supper table could speak, it's testimony would be Grace!  Pastor Greg Smith sharing the Word with the congregation as it prepares for the Lord's Supper.


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