May 25 2019

The Secret to Significance! Matthew 13:1-9; 18-23

God sows His Word into our lives, looking to produce an impossible crop of righteousness.  Pastor Greg Smith preaches the Word, sowing God's good seed into the lives of God's people.

May 21 2019

The Family Circle! Matthew 12:46-50

Pastor Greg Smith's Mother's Day message.  Family is part of God's plan for every person.  And in Christ, believers belong to the Family of God.

May 15 2019

Running on Empty! Matthew 12:43-45

Spiritual emptiness is a dangerous condition.  A person can clean up their life morally, but without Christ an empty life is in danger for demonic adversaries.  Pastor Greg Smith preaching the Gospel.

May 1 2019

The Heart of the Matter! Matthew 12:33-37

The heart of the matter is the heart!  Pastor Greg Smith preaching to challenge people to examine their heart response to God.


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