April 23 2019

Here’s Your Sign! Matthew 12:38-42

The resurrection of Jesus is the dramatic sign that He is who He says He is, and He can do what He says He will do.  Pastor Greg Smith's Easter Message at FBC.

April 15 2019

Forgiving Your Unpardonable Sin! Matthew 12:22-32

Is there a sin that God cannot, or will not, forgive.  Pastor Greg Smith preaching the Gospel of Forgiveness and Grace.

April 10 2019

Lord of the Sabbath! Matthew 12:1-14

The Law of God is fulfilled in Jesus Christ.  Christ Jesus lives in every believer.  So the Law of God is fulfilled in every believer.  God's Law is a blessing for believers as they rest in the completed work of Jesus.

Last Meal, First Supper! Matthew 12:1-14

A Lord's Supper Meditation by Pastor Greg Smith as God's people prepare to share Communion.  The Lord's Supper is a testimony of the Body and Blood of Christ.

April 3 2019

Finding the Carpenter’s Yoke! Matthew 11:28-30

There are some burdens that we carry that we cannot get away from.  But when we yoke up with Jesus, connect to Him, He carries then for us.  Pastor Greg Smith preaching.


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