January 29 2019

Stretcher-Bearers for Heaven! Matthew 9:1-8

Will there be anyone in heaven who is there because you brought them to Jesus?  Pastor Greg Smith preaching on the miracle of the paralyzed man, challenges every believer to be a stretcher-bearer  who brings people to Jesus.

January 24 2019

The Great Storm Calmer! Matthew 8:23-27

Great Storms ravage every life at some point, but Jesus is the Great Storm-Calmer.  Pastor Greg Smith teaching that if Jesus can calm the raging storm on the Sea, He can calm any storm in your own life.

January 18 2019

Counting the Cost of Discipleship! Matthew 8:18-22

A Disciple of Jesus follows Him whenever and wherever He leads.  Pastor Greg Smith calls the Body of Christ to count the cost and follow the Master in the coming year.

January 16 2019

Amazing Faith! Matthew 8:5-13

What really amazes Jesus? Faith!  Pastor Greg Smith examines the Centurion's faith as an example of what God is looking for in His people.

January 8 2019

Detours, Delays and the Providence of God! Matthew 2:12-23

Can you trust the plan of God when things don't go the way you expect they should?  In life's journey, there will be detours and delays, but the God has a plan and He is working that plan out if you will trust Him.  

January 2 2019

The True Guiding Light! Matthew 2:1-12

Focusing on the "Wise Men" who followed a guiding star-light to Jesus, Pastor Greg Smith proclaims the Gospel of Light for all who would seek to know the living God.


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