November 30 2018

The Hands of God! Matthew 8:1-4

Followers of Christ are the hands of God and they reach out and touch the hurting and dying in this world.  Pastor Greg Smith challenges believers through God's Word to be the Hands of God.

November 25 2018

Building for the Storms! Matthew 7:24-29

Jesus is the only solid foundation upon which a person can build a life that will survive every storm.  Pastor Greg Smith preaching from the concluding verses of Jesus' Sermon on the Mount.

November 19 2018

Judge Not! Matthew 7:24-29

The Blood of Jesus ends our critical condemnation of others and calls us to minister grace!  Pastor Greg Smith preaches this sermon from Jesus' Sermon on the Mount.

November 12 2018

Curing the Torment of the Mind! Matthew 6:25-34

Anxiety has been called "The Torment of the Mind."  Pastor Greg Smith shows believers from Jesus' Sermon on the Mount how to turn their worries into faith.

November 6 2018

O Be Careful Little Eye! Matthew 6:19-24

"The eye is the window to the soul!"  Pastor Greg Smith teaches from Jesus' Sermon on the Mount  this critical issue of spiritual eye care.


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