October 30 2018

A City on a Hill! Matthew 5:14-16

"You are the Light of the World!"  Pastor Greg Smith explores this declaration of Jesus as he challenges believers to shine in the darkness.

October 23 2018

The Salt Maker! Matthew 5:13

"You are the Salt of the Earth!"  This statement by Jesus was spoken to every believer.  Pastor Greg Smith explains what Jesus meant and how then believers are to live.

October 14 2018

The Contempt of Familiarity! Luke 4:16-30

Becoming to familiar with the things of God can lead a person to hold them in contempt, thus causing one to miss Him.  Pastor Greg Smith shows how a believer can overcome this fatal trap.

October 11 2018

Clean Hands-Pure Heart! Psalm 24

Pastor Joe Johnson challenges believers to examine their actions and attitudes in the Body of Christ.  Sermon preached on a Lord's Supper Sunday.

October 3 2018

For Those Living in Darkness: Matthew 4:12-25

The call to follow Jesus is the call to evangelism.  Pastor Greg Smith preaches the call of Christ that challenges belivers to be "Fishers of Men!"


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