February 28 2018

Faith is the Victory: Genesis 50:22-26

In this final sermon from his series in Genesis, Pastor Greg Smith proclaims the living faith that is essential for every believer. 

February 22 2018

What’s So Amazing About Grace: Genesis 49:1-28

Grace is truely amazing because from a human standpoint it makes no sense.  Jacob's fourth son Judah is the one through whom God chose to send His Son Jesus.  When the question "Why Judah?" is asked, the only possible answer is Grace.  Pastor Greg Smith explains through Scripture why every believer should stand amazed in the presence of God's grace.

February 14 2018

Hope for Living: Genesis 47:28-48:11

While he was dying, Jacob gave a testimony of Hope for Living.  The good news is that every believer has a testimony of hope.  Pastor Greg Smith preaches the biblical foundation of Hope in Christ.

February 7 2018

Guidance from a Godly Geezer: Genesis 47:7-10

Jacob's interview with Pharoah is the setting for these life truths that everyone should know.  Pastor Greg Smith preaching as part of the series from Genesis: Foundations for Life.


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