November 26 2016

Till Jesus Comes: Genesis 30:25-31:16

Genesis provides foundations for life.  A major part of a solid foundation is a biblical work ethic.  Pastor Greg Smith uses Jacob's work experience to proclaim God's prespective on our work.

November 17 2016

Counting Another’s Blessings: Genesis 30:1-24

Identifying and exercising faith over the sin of envy is the topic of this sermon by Pastor Greg Smith from the story of the struggle between Jacob's wives.

November 7 2016

Looking For Love (in all the wrong places)! Gen. 29

The struggle for life is the struggle for love; but the hole in every heart can only be filled by God. Pastor Greg Smith shows how Jacob and Leah's lives model that truth.

November 3 2016

Hold Out Your Cup: Matthew 26:26-28

Pastor Greg Smith shares the account of the Jesus' last supper with His disciples to prepare the congregation for the Lord's Supper.


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