June 20 2016

Merry Mourners: Matthew 5:4

In Part 3 of his summer sermon series on the Beatitudes, Pastor Greg Smith teaches on the second Beatitude, the blessedness in mourning over sin.

June 18 2016

Impoverished Imperials: Matthew 5:3

Pastor Greg Smith teaches the first Beatitude, the spiritual condition that a person must possess to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

June 10 2016

The Be-Attitudes: Matthew 5:1-11

Part 1 of Pastor Greg Smith's 2016 summer series on the Beatitudes.

June 2 2016

Dressed for the Table: Isaiah 61:10

In this Lord's Supper Meditation, Pastor Greg Smith prepares God's people for the Table by asking the question: "Are you properly dressed?" (in Christ's Robe of Righteousness!)


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