November 22 2015

Lending the Omnipotent God a Helping Hand: Genesis 16:1-16

Through the story of Abram and Hagar, Pastor Greg Smith shows how faith causes a believer to trust God even when he can't see how God will come through for him.

November 18 2015

Blood Covenant People: Genesis 15:17-18

Pastor Greg Smith teaches from Abraham's example how the people of God, living in Covenant relationship with Him, should live.

November 10 2015

The Blood Covenant: Genesis 15:6-21

Pastor Greg Smith shows exactly what it means when God cut the Covenant with Abram and the significance it has to this day for a believer who is connected to God by the blood covenant through Christ.

November 5 2015

Why Fear: Genesis 15:1-6

Pastor Greg Smith teaches what believers can expect from God who is able to calm all our fears.


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