December 30 2014

The Gifts of Christmas: The gift that keeps on giving; Job 42:10-11

Greg Smith concludes his Christmas series through the gifts of Christmas. 

John 5:19-29

John Elkins continues to walk through the Gospel of John

December 23 2014

The Gifts of Christmas: The Gift that Lives; Job 19:23-27

Greg Smith reflects on the Living Redeemer in Job 19

The Gifts of Christmas: God’s gift

Greg Smith pauses to reflect on the Christmas story.

December 11 2014

Cultivating Contentment; Philippians 4:4-6

John Elkins teaches what it means to cultivate contentment. 

December 10 2014

Our Truth Specialist; John 16:5-16

Greg Smith continues examining the truths about the Holy Spirit.


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