April 22 2014

A Grave Mistake; Mark 15:40-16:8

Greg Smith teaches through the resurrection narrative in the Gospel of Mark. 

April 20 2014

Romans 14:1-9

John continues teaching through the book of Romans

April 14 2014

At The Place Called The Skull Again; Mark 15:33-39

Greg Smith continues through his series in the book of Mark.  

April 13 2014

Romans 13:8-14

John Elkins continues his series through the Book of Romans

April 9 2014

At The Place Called The Skull; Mark 15:22-32

Greg Smith continues to walk through the Gospel of Mark in his series "He came to die."

April 4 2014

Romans 13:1-8

John Elkins continues to walk through Romans.

April 1 2014

The Vine and the Branches: A Lord’s Supper Meditation; John 15:1-8

Greg Smith leads the congregation to contemplate the Vine.

Romans 12:14-21

John continues his series through Romans


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