October 28 2013

Romans 9:1-13; This is not what I thought I knew about God

John Elkins leads the students through Romans 9, continuing the study through Romans.

October 25 2013

More than Just a Man; Mark 12:35-37

Greg Smith continues to teach through Mark. 

October 24 2013

Romans 8:31-39; The Hymn

John continues through the book of Romans 

October 17 2013

Horseshoes and Hand-grenades; Mark 12:28-34

Greg Smith continues through the book of Mark. 

October 16 2013

Romans 8:28-30

John continues through Romans

October 11 2013

At the Resurrection; Mark 12:18-27

Greg Smith continues to walk through the book of Mark in his series: He Came to Die.

Romans 8:26-30

John continues through the book of Romans


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