March 26 2013

Here Comes Your King; Mark 11:1-11

Greg Smith discusses the coming of our King as a Lord's Supper meditation

March 19 2013

Blind Faith; Mark 10:46-52

Greg teaches about the faith of blind the blind man in Mark 10

Haggai 2; The Call to Build

John teaches through Haggai 2 as a message to the church.

March 13 2013

Romans 7:13-25; Three views

This is part 1 of a 3 part series on Romans 7:13-25.  John explains some of the context of Romans 7 and outlines the three different views of Romans 7.

Romans 7:13-25; John’s View; a man under law

This is the 2 part of a 3 part series on Romans 7:13-25.  John presents the idea that the man in Romans 7:14-25 is a man under the law.

Romans 7:13-25; Greg’s View

This is part 3 in a 3 part series on Romans 7:13-25.  Greg Smith presents the view that the man of Romans 7 is referring to Paul's own personal experience as a believer.

March 5 2013

The Question of Discipleship; Mark 10:35-45

Greg Smith continues his series through the Gospel of Mark: He came to die.


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