February 26 2013

What must I do to Inherit Eternal Life? Mark 10:23-31

Greg Smith continues through Mark

The Great Trade; Mark 10:17-21

Greg Smith continues his series on the Gospel of  Mark

D-Now Session Four: When God Says Wait

Ryan Jasper continues his D-Now series on prayer

D-Now Session Three: When God Says Yes

Ryan Jasper's D-Now Series Continued

D-Now Session Two: When God Says No

Ryan Jasper's D-Now messages continued

D-Now Session One: The God to Whom we Pray

Ryan Jasper Shares a 4 part series on prayer with the youth at D-Now weekend

February 8 2013

Jesus Loves the Little Children; Mark 10:13-16

Greg Smith teaches on what it means come as a child.

February 7 2013

Romans 6:5-14

John continues his series through Romans.

Prayers Proper Petition; Matthew 6:5-13

Greg Smith continues his series on prayer.

Prayer’s Proper Focus; Matthew 6:9-10

Greg Smith continues his series on Prayer


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