August 23 2012

Romans 2:12-29

John continues the study through Romans.

August 21 2012

FBC 75th Anniversary Celebration- Jim Doyle

Brother Jim Doyle preaches from John 21

Romans 2:1-16

John continues his study through Romans

FBC 75th Anniversary Celebration- Lee Rickaway

Lee Rickaway comes back to share about his experience at FBC Brazoria

August 10 2012

FBC 75th Anniversary Celebration- Weldon Doherty

Brother Weldon Doherty brings the word of God at the first week of our 75th anniversary celebration

August 3 2012

The Church: Ezra

Greg Smith kicks off the 75th anniversary celebration at First Baptist Church by reminding the congregation that the celebration is all about what God has done.

1 Peter 5:6-11

John teaches on the call to the army of God.


Chuck Beem walks through a Biblical worldview of what it means to worship.


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