May 24 2011

A Lord’s Supper Meditation: For the Joy!

Greg Smith leads us on a meditation through Luke 22:14-20

May 23 2011

Matthew 7:23-27; Build Your House on the Rock

Louis Martinez Guest Speaks on Matthew 7:23-27

Keeping the Home-Fires Burning; Colossians 3:18-25

Greg Smith begins teaching on the home.

Question and Answer 2011: Open Forum 2

John answers questions off the cuff.  Please note, these questions are on the spot and there has been no preperation on the part of John.

May 10 2011

Question and Answer 2011: Open Forum

John answers questions on the spot.

May 3 2011

Finishing Strong; Joshua 14:6-14

Greg Smith teaches about the faith that finishes strong.


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