June 30 2010

Jesus Is… Colossians 1:15-20

Chuck Beem teaches the congregation about who Jesus is.

June 28 2010

James 4

Andrew Beem teaches on James 4

June 24 2010

Nehemiah 6; The Kingdom Focused Man

John Elkins teaches on Nehemiah chapter 6 exhorting us to build the Kingdom.

June 20 2010

James 3; the tongue

Andrew Beem challenges us to consider the tongue.

June 16 2010

The Only Thing We Have to Fear: Acts 18:1-17

Greg Smith teaches about what we have to fear.

June 11 2010

James 2 -Andrew Beem

Andrew Beem speaks on the second part of his five part series.

June 9 2010

Introducing The Unknown God

Greg Smith speaks on knowing the unknown God.

Parental Authority: To Train up a Child pt 3

Greg teaches on the authority of Parenting.

June 1 2010

Parenting: To Train Up a Child, Pt. 1

Greg Smith continues his series on parenting.


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